Monday, October 24, 2016

heartfelt Word Jeremiah 31:31-34

One of the great promises Jeremiah shared was the promise of a new covenant written on the heart of the people. His words were meant for a people who knew what it was like to lose their homes and find themselves in exile. Oh this promise is even bigger than it seems.

They knew why they were in exile—their choices had consequences—and now they had no place and maybe even no hope. And God gave Jeremiah this word of hope to share. A new covenant written inside of each heart.

The situation looked bleak for this people this house of Israel. Their exile meant grief and separation. As God's prophet Jeremiah spoke the hope of a new covenant to this nation who had no more home land.

They'd broken the old covenant. Jeremiah said it was like a marriage covenant broken down. They knew the pain—and rather than leave them lost forever God made a promise not to take away the pain and bring them back. No God made a promise to be with them in the middle of their exile. His word would be inside of them.

God said he was ready to make a new covenant. He was ready to enter into a covenant not with one individual but with everyone who called themselves a part of Israel.

And the Word of the Lord would be written in their hearts. Even miles and years separation from home couldn't keep God out of their lives. And this promise is God news for all people today. AMEN.