Monday, January 22, 2007

Want to see some fire works? Epiphany 4C Luke 4

If you really want to see some fireworks claim that you're the Son of God.

Or Maybe,
live like you believe the promises that the Son of God made, especially all the one's about the arrival of the Kingdom of God right now in our time.

Humans have limits both in their communication with God and for God (some of us don't want to admit this, but we do), but just read Luke 4 and you'll see Jesus in action and the limit between the sacred and the human blur rapidly out of existence. Jesus the preacher was the one sent with the message of hope for the world. Everybody likes hope. But it really upsets the order of this world when hope is fulfilled and the hungry are full and the rich sent away empty. He was the one bold enough to even say,

"Today this word has been fulfilled in your hearing." Luke 4:21
That one statement demanded a form a credibility that no human but Jesus could produce. God's Spirit was upon him. He was moved and guided like none other. Who would dare say such a thing but the man who could slip through the mob that would kill him for such audacious words. Who would dare but the one who didn't fear the mob or the cross.

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