Sunday, March 4, 2007

God on the Brain

The mystery of faith and atheism has confounded us humans for generations.

Published: March 4, 2007. The Times' summary reads, "In the world of evolutionary biology, the question is not whether God exists but why we believe in him. Is belief a helpful adaptation or an evolutionary accident?"

In this story there's a great look at the psychology of belief and one man's quest not to believe.

As a person of faith I have come to understand that the universe and even my own person were made to help me seek God. But for the atheists who don't want to see God its a battle to force God out. Is it hubris or is just a case of Sisyphus at work all over again pushing against a force that is greater than he is.

Faith is real. The religious wars of the 21st century prove the price that people are willing to pay because of faith. But God isn't calling us to battle one another over belief. God is calling us into relationship. Some even argue that they've found evidence that we were made to believe. That proves just how difficult the atheists battle against God revealed in the world is. Still people exist who are confounded by the idea of a God who can't be eliminated by their own will to not believe.

My prayer is that God uses our need to touch the transcendent in order to let the revelation of God work in each of our lives in order that we might know the love of God that this world needs.

Faith is finally a gift, but like all God's gifts, they are given independent of our wills.

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