Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Great perspectives

There's been some awful news this week from around the world and here in the US. Sometimes its good to remember that humor and joy still exist for many in the world and that God is still in the business of creating and recreating. The hard part is to get enough fresh perspective to see that something new might be happening.

Once in a while something pops up that reminds me how powerful getting a different perspective of things can be. The season after Easter is a great time to start looking at situations and people in a new way. To that end I want to encourage people to look at wonderful video by the Zimmers. I just saw a great music video by a band that pushes the envelope of perspective even harder than any I've seen in years by redfining classic rock.

Maybe its the humor or maybe its the joy in the people singing. Or maybe its the fact that I get a chance to see older people in a different light, with a little bit of edge that helps to see their humanity. Yeah I'm part of a generation who's seen the Matrix and grown up with all kinds of questions about truth and reality and maybe once in a while its time to just laugh.

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