Monday, June 4, 2007

Do you see the mission: Galatians 1:11-24

this is a ramble
but hey, I'm on vacation and celebrating the arrival of a new puppy this week



Reading Galatians is a reminder that Paul had a mission and he wasn't afraid of talking about it. There's no doubt. He was called to proclaim Christ. He did it for three years before going to Jerusalem to meet with the elders of the church. He did it even when it meant disagreeing with the elders of the church.

The church today has a mission, just like Paul. Paul's mission wasn't from this world and neither is ours. In the church today its easy to forget that we are called by God to do extraordinary things and not just the same old ordinary things.

Paul was called by God and the call transformed him from Jesus' enemy in to proclaimer and witness to Jesus as Lord. Paul was not alone in discovering new life and new mission in Jesus. Peter, the man who denied Jesus late in the night of His betrayal, found new purpose after the resurrection. It was Jesus forgiveness and daring trust in Peter that placed him at the foundation of the church. All of us have a mission to bring life and hope to others in the name of Jesus; and in bringing life and hope in Jesus name we can see how God is also bringing new life and hope to each and every one of us.

Meeting Jesus changes us. Our experiences of God's grace remind us that Jesus is in the business of renewing all creation and of using all of us for purposes. Sometimes we'll even get the call to do something that we have never imagined. We can brag as churches about all that we have done in the past, but like Paul we still have a mission for Jesus. Together as brothers and sisters we'll get even more done.

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