Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'd like to share a poem I wrote for this week

Remembering I'm dust.

Halfway through the week,

in the middle of life,

its Ash Wednesday,

and we gather to remember we're dust.

In the middle of the church,

a pastor will dig his finger into the ash,

he'll put a mark on me,

remembering with me that I'm dust.

Easter is coming, hope is coming,

in the middle of my week,

in the midst of birth, death, and living

the ash on your forehead reminds me that you're dust too.

Jesus' Word reminds me,

the real treasure is not on earth but in Christ.

The ash proves I'm dust.

His Word says dust isn't necessarily my end.

Inspired by Walter Bruggeman's Marked by Ashes

thanks for sharing your thoughts on Ash Wednesday with me.



on a personal note. We've been blessed by the arrival of our 3rd daughter. Check out some of the details (a few pictures included) at Unlikely Banter.

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