Monday, April 20, 2009

Witnesses beginning in Jerusalem....

Jesus stepped out of the tomb and that same day he begain appearing to his followers. His risen presence surprised them. Yes, He'd promised to come back from dead, and He did; but his friends who heard his promise to rise still didn't expect to see him. God has been on the move, in ways we don't always expect, ever since.

Jesus' rising set his friends free. On Good Friday most of Jesus' followers just shrunk back into the crowd. They feared for their own lives. A few women and men stayed back waiting until he died to pick up his body so they could beary it. Meeting Jesus after death was just the beginning of their transformation. John reports that at their gathering the evening after Jesus' rose they barred the doors because of fear. As His friends gathered together in Jerusalem to tell their stories about meeting Him after death He surprised them by meeting with them again.
Meeting Jesus again emboldened his followers. They were released from the fear of the crowd and from the fear of death. Jesus was moving fast setting them; and all of us free. Meeting Jesus emboldens his friends today. We believers are free. He told his friend that they were called us to be witnesses starting right there in Jerusalem. Jesus said that the news shouldn't remain hidden; the time was coming when they would have power to spread the news.
Seeing the Risen Lord Jesus at work in our world today is still wonderful. Jesus was transformed in his rising, His friends were changed too and we are transformed as we meet him alive and well after death.

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