Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jesus offers more than daily bread John 6:24-35

Year B, Season of Pentecost Proper 13, Ordinary 18, Pentecost 9, Between July 31-August 6.

Many people searched for Jesus after he fed thousands with just 5 loaves and 2 fish. Looking at the story I ask myself, “Why wouldn't they search for him?” Being with Jesus must have been about as good as it could get in this life. He was the answer to people's immediate needs: hurt people were healed, empty bellies were filled, and the proud were exposed in their errors.

Jesus knew that the people were coming and he knew they were looking for more of what he had just given them. More bread and more fish. Just more to keep alive. And He told them that they shouldn't come looking for more loaves made from barley and wheat. He told them they should look for something that will last. He told them something about bread from heaven.

God made us and gives us each gifts to use and to share. Sometimes we ask God to do things that he has already enabled us to do on our own with the gifts he's offered to each of us. Sometimes we count on God to act after God's already put the resources in our hands. The people came yearning for more bread; they'd just eaten the proof of Jesus' power and now Jesus told them that they should ask him for something more.

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