Tuesday, November 10, 2009

No stone will be left unturned Mark 13:1-8

There's an apocalyptic tone to Jesus' teachings in the Gospels that's hard to miss. As we read the scriptures it's clear that Jesus didn't come to just rubber stamp the status quo. Jesus' words prophesying disorder and reordering ring out clearly in Mark 13. His friend, looking at the temple, commented on how big the stones were. Jesus responded by predicting that the walls would come down and no stones would be left standing.

  • Some will argue that he was speaking prophetically but that he wasn't speaking about the temple itself; instead he was speaking about himself dying on that coming Friday and rising to life again on Sunday.
  • Other's will point to the seige and fall of Jerusalem at the hands of the Romans in 70 AD saying that Jesus foresaw the destruction of the Herod's Temple and the rest of the city.
Jesus words weren't words of immediate comfort. But as John Petty at Progressive Involvement wisely notes they are Good News. They were prophetic words of destruction that meant something new and better would be coming.
Jesus' words predicted an overturning that should not be overlooked. We need a total overturning by God in order to be made right with God. Jesus didn't come to offer comfort to every person in Judea and accept them as they were; he came to announce that the kingdom of God is coming near. We will obviously find discomfort with the idea of the world being turned over; but it's Good News because in the end Christ will reign over the new creation, but all the things we cling to beyond Jesus will have to fall away like the stones of the temple in order that faith in Christ might lead us to life everlasting.

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