Monday, March 22, 2010

1 Week in Time Luke 19:28-40

Palm Sunday started an amazing week. 1 week that lays at the heart of our faith. The people rejoiced, waving Palms when Jesus arrived in Jerusalem. He came as the crowd shouted hosanna; but the powerful could have mocked him riding in on a donkey instead of in a great chariot or on a mighty steed like an earthly king would have done.

Jesus came to set people free and he soon became an enemy of the religious leaders. He spoke with authority and the crowd believed and the powerful would have him killed. The trouble is we look for glory instead of weakness when we look for God.

Christians often seek glory. We look for ways to be popular and beautiful, strong and rich; but our faith in Christ isn't about glory. Our faith in Chris isn't a faith of glory first above all it's a faith in the cross. Our faith comes down to the events of just one week. A week of preaching and teaching in the face of the religious authorities right in the middle of the temple. A week of sharing and religious ritual gathering arround fro the Passover Seder. A week of worry and trial. A week of torture and death on a cross and finally rising. 8 days changed all time after wards.

There's a tension in a life of faith. It's the tension of living in hope in all circumstances; even in the face of death. It tense to both celebrate God's presence in Word and sacrament and to see if God is willing suffer and die in our place.

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