Monday, October 4, 2010

What happens when God changes your life? Luke 17:11-19

Look around today and you can see God at work in the lives of many who don't stop to give their thanks and praise in return for all that's been done for them. This situation is nothing new.

Luke tells the story of 10 people who lived with leprosy, a terrible disease that forced them into isolation for fear that their sickness would spread. They were unclean and had to live apart to prevent others from becoming unclean like them.
In faith and hope they called to Jesus. The 10 were asking him to change their lives and make them whole. The miracle they hoped for happened and all 10 were made whole.

1 of the 10 turned back to Jesus to give thanks. Jesus asked out loud about the other 9. He knew that all of them were whole. He knew that grace had been shown to them even while some didn't recognize the gracious free gift that they had been given.

Speaking with a mother and grandmother today about this story it becomes clear that gratitude isn't an instant part of our lives. God's work in our world often goes unnoticed. But thankfully God's love isn't limited by our works and our gratitude. Thankfully God's grace is limited only by his willingness to die for those he would come to redeem.


Nancy Marshall said...

Peace Unlikely,
Offering thanks, requires faith and humility. If I think I am in charge of my destiny...and am smart enough to figure most things on my own. I see things that turn out for my good I say..."Aren't I just the bees' knees?" or "Hard Work pays off"

BUT the person who is humble and takes on a Kingdom task that is impossible, Knows that God will help. They know the success is God's because without him it would have failed.
This person with faith looks at the completion of the task and says, "Wow! Look what God did! Isn't it amazing? Thank you Lord."

So... thanks stems from humility and faith. (and the courage to step out and do the "impossible").

That doesn't really tie in exactly with this passage, but I thought I'd throw it in the mix.
Peace to you


Tmiester said...

I agree with Nancy, I think We to often (by nature) tend to give ourselves to much credit, when was the last time you "lost" something perhaps your keys, then found them a few minutes later right in front of yourself! saying how could i have not seen them. I call these God moments and thank him for reminding me of the gift of sight!