Friday, March 16, 2012

Lifted up for the world John 3:14-21

Jesus lifted up--to save

Jessu lifted up--on the cross--abandoned and abused, naked and derided.

Jesus lifted up--by the whole church--saving all who come to faith in Him.

Jesus lifted up--by sinners--both then and now.  2000 years ago sinners lifted Jesus up.  Today we sinners lift him up. His death on our hands and our new life in His hands.


Nancy Marshall said...

Peace Unlikely,
I don't know why I am sending this to YOU. I get the Wilkerson devotions in my inbox. They are often profound. I read it and thought...John. Maybe God has a purpose?

I liked this one from Wilkerson about "praying through"...strength for the journey.
It isn't really a "comment" so please feel free to delete it. Just had this notion that you would like this.
See Below:

I imagine Jesus on the road from Gesthemene to Golgatha "praying through" the whole experience.
May your prayers see you through all the ugly stuff in the path.
Peace, my dear brother,


David Wilkerson Today


by David Wilkerson
[May 19, 1931 - April 27, 2011]

“Praying through" is a term coined by the early Pentecostals. To some it
meant simply staying on your knees until you were assured you had an answer
from God. To others it meant continually coming back to the Lord until you had
the answer in hand. (This was also called "persevering in prayer.")

As a young boy in those early camp meetings, I heard people testify, "I'm going
to lay hold of the horns of the altar and I won't let go until God answers!" Yet
I don't believe that is the truest meaning of "praying through."

You can be shut in with the Lord, delighting in His presence. You can spend
quality hours, even days, with Him, glorying in sweet communion. You can have
all your needs met and your heart can be totally satisfied. His presence can
heal you, lift you, empower you and strengthen you.

But what happens when you leave that hallowed place of intimate communion? You
may rise up from your knees only to go back to a crushing situation that has
not changed. You can see the devil waiting there for you, ready to throw the
same problems and emptiness at you. I ask you: What good is it to get the glory
on the mountain if it won't see you through your battle?

I believe "praying through" means simply this: The strength, power and
encouragement you receive from the Lord while shut in with Him will see you
through the trials ahead. The victory you get in the secret closet will give
you victory on the battlefield.

Beloved, prayer is not finished—it is not "completed prayer"—until it sees
you through to the other side of your trial. We have not "prayed it through"
until we have "lived it through" our trials by the strength we received in
God's presence.

John, an unlikely pastor said...

that's a very powerful thought and I'm glad to pass it along
take care