Friday, November 9, 2012

Faith Alive Ruth 3&4, John 12:38-44

Faith in God comes out clear when the wind and water are rising.  Faith in God comes out clear to see when God is the only one in the universe you've got to hold onto.  When everything is crumbling faith latches onto God and doesn't let go. 
If you've been through some storms holding onto God there's a good chance you found peace that you can't explain in words.  When you have faith in God in the middle of the struggles you can see a way forward knowing that you are connected to the God who made you and redeemed you.

faith makes the difference
In Ruth we see a woman who trusted in God and found a way when it didn't seem like there was a way.  In Mark we heard about a woman who came to put all she had into the temple treasury.  Each of these women stands out to us today as a witness to the power of God and as a model to us of true saving faith in the God of Israel.

Our heroes in faith are people like Betsy and Corrie Ten Book who held firmly to God as they were arrested by the Nazi's.  They had no place to hide.  With no guarantee of earthly comforts they found hope holding tight to the God they couldn't see.  They trusted as they faced evil every day certain God would make a way. 
Corrie wrote boldly of her faltering faith and her sisters witness to God as she grew sick and died in a slave labor camp.  Faith is our connection to God, the trustworthy one, in the universe as everything else falls apart.
Saving faith is confidence in God.  Saving faith steps out not knowing where the journey ends.   Faith holds fast to god in the middle of the most difficult circumstances.  Even in our most difficult days faith holds fast to God. 

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