Thursday, January 31, 2013

Just a little glory Luke 9:28-43

The kingdom of God is close to us; but it doesn't always appear that way. When Jesus came to earth the kingdom came close to everyone he met. God the Father is close to all of us; much like the father in the story of the prodigal son. We are the ones who wander far from God and his plans for our lives. But God the Father remains close all the time ready to welcome us back Luke 15:11-32.

God the Father's closer than we think. There's a very thin space between heaven and earth; and Luke tells of a moment when the glory of heaven, which had always been present in Jesus (but was often hidden), was there clear for Peter, James and John Luke 9:28-36. When Jesus taught, healed, forgave, and caste out daemons the glory shown to a few. But for the most part Jesus glory, and heavens glory with him, was hidden just beneath the surface.

Jesus revealed His glory and forever identity to 3 friends (Luke 9:28-29). They were up on a mountain top, but the view that most impressed them was Jesus transfigured shining bright as two of Israel's great heroes, Moses and Elijah joined him (Luke 9:30-31).

Mountain top moments are part of faith and hope. God gave such moments like Moses had looking into the Promised Land seeing the future that God had in store not for him but for his people Deuteronomy 32:48-52. Martin Luther King Jr spoke of going to  the mountain top the night before his assassination. Mountain Top moments allow us to see what God has still to come. They are a preview of the glory ahead. But we don't get to stay there in the glory that day of glory will come, but right now we are invited to live in faith and hope and love trusting in the promises of God. 

Peter, not sure what to do or say on the mountain, offered to make booths for Jesus and 2 prophets as a way to hold onto the moment Luke 9:32-33. God the Father's voice boomed This is my Son, my Chosen; listen to him! and suddenly Jesus was there alone with his friends Luke 9:34-36.

Heading down hill they came to a Father struggling with a daemon possessed son Luke 9:37-38. The boy's father begged the disciples to help; but they could do nothing Luke 9:39-40. Jesus words expressed frustration at the disbelief; but he didn't leave the boy in the possession of the daemon. Heaven was close and the power of God was clear again as God set the boy free. Luke 9:41-43.

May God grant us mountain top moments to see the Glory of God in our days, even if only for a moment Amen.

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