Saturday, March 30, 2013

Know the Resurrection? Luke 24:1-12?

Christians know double joy in celebrating Resurrection Day.

  1. is the joy of knowing that Jesus has died, been buried, and risen forever conquering sin, death, and the devil.
  2. is the simple joy of knowing Jesus is the resurrection. He said as much just before he called into a tomb and Lazarus who had been dead long enough for his body to begin decaying came of alive (John 11:25).
Jesus is the resurrection. Sure He is the boy from the manger; but today we meet him in lives in our time. He's the man who cast out daemons 2000 years ago and walks with us today as we face temptation and evil in our time. Jesus was the one who called his first followers to love others as much we love ourselves. Today through his Word he is still offering us this life changing invitation. Jesus is the healer who made broken people whole in Israel 2000 years ago and he's the one we pray to today in trust and confidence that in Him we find a way past past death.
Jesus is the Resurrection. 2000 years ago hurting people reached out to touch him knowing that he would and could bring healing into their lives. Today He's the one who is now and forever bringing hope and joy in all circumstances of life.
Jesus friends had first hand experience of death's power. They'd watched him suffer and die. They very personally walked in grief until Jesus rose. This story of new life breaking in is surprisingly sweet to tell over and over again. The details in the 4 Gospels unlock different dimensions of the story.
In Luke Women came the tomb with spices. We presume they came to honor Jesus on last time--but they didn't find His body. Instead 2 men in dazzling white greeted them with a question that rings sweetly in our ears today, Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here but has risen. Jesus, the death defying God/man was then and is now alive. Jesus, the live giver, is the resurrection. Jesus' open tomb and risen body is the evidence. He is life that overcomes death and gives us hope in which we rejoice today. No matter the circumstances--Jesus death defying life always renews us and gives us more reason to hope.
Easter Blessings, John

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