Monday, July 29, 2013

if Jesus called you a fool Luke 12:13-21

We sinners want God to validate our actions and feelings.
Jesus, Son of the Living God, loves us enough to call us fools.
The story goes a little something like this. A man asked Jesus to settle an in-family probate dispute Luke 12:13. Too many people have been in fights over a piece of property. We can all get the gist of his request. We humans love earthly things and foolishly strive for happiness in things. We get tangled up fighting for our fair share, our piece of the pie. And Jesus knew it and said plainly to be on guard against the love of things Luke 12:15.

Making his point clear Jesus told a story. A farmer prospered so much he had to build bigger barns to hold his harvest, his wealth. I don't think Jesus saw any trouble yet (Luke 12:16-18). Then man said to his soul to eat, drink and be merry (Luke 12:19). And that decision was foolish. Jesus called it out. He saying plainly there's no peace for souls in comfort and possessions (Luke 12:20-21).
Hang on now Jesus, do you really mean that, a Christian farmer in prosperous times living in a prosperous place might say, "I've got big bins, what about it? You know I will use that money to do good by my family, my neighbors, and my church." And I don't think Jesus would argue with him.
The issue in Jesus' story isn't a man's success, rather it was telling his soul that he should find peace in his things and his prosperity. God loves us enough to name our folly. Jesus, the one who died to save us, loves us enough to tell us that no amount of money or accumulated things will satisfy our souls. The moment when we place our trust in things our our life's aim on the accumulation of things is the moment when a loving God will call us fools.
May God point out our folly too. AMEN

Peace and thanks for reading, John

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