Thursday, August 29, 2013

Honor in the Kingdom Luke 14:1,7-14

Jesus has a different standard for first and last than this world does. He explained the difference by speaking about a wedding feast in Luke 14:7-11. Jesus gave a direction for his followers--don't seek the most honored seat--rather take the lowest. And Jesus wasn't just talking about a wedding feast. He was challenging human nature. It has been argued well that our nature drives us towards the first place desiring the highest and the best for our selves. If we by nature are selfish Jesus is teaching us to go against our natures in order that we might really live.

Jesus is giving us a new standard as Christians. The greatest among us, in Jesus' eyes, are those who serve. He said no less in Matthew 20:26 and Matthew 23:11. Some of Christ's followers over the centuries have caught onto this key theme in Jesus' teaching. Others have sought power, position, and human honor while disguised in religious dress. All the while Jesus Word has been boldly pointing in a different direction. He has been teaching and proclaiming his view of the world in which great people serve the poor. Jesus invites us to see His different valuation of people and the world. One of the greatest explanations of this kind of reversal of the great being the servants comes from Martin Luther King Jr in a sermon called, The Drum Major Instinct.

Sadly human society naturally runs opposite of Jesus' vision. Our Lord wasn't naïve enough to think otherwise. He taught how the Kingdom of Heaven has a better order. And that means we are invited today to live differently. We are invited today to live like his kingdom matters and like those around us in need matter. Imagine throwing a banquet--who would you invite if you were following Jesus direction in Luke 14:12-14. Jesus has offered us all a way to be great--as servants.
Peace, and thanks for reading. John

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