Monday, November 11, 2013

fearless in Christ Luke 21:5-29?

Jesus and his friends stood at the heart of the temple Luke 21. Someone, maybe one of His friends, marveled at the size of the blocks and the wall of the great temple Luke 21:5. And Jesus said plainly—not one stone will be left on another. Every stone will be thrown down Luke 21:6-. Wow the temple, the very center of their faith and national life would be destroyed.
Jesus friend wanted to know what signs they would have of the coming destruction Luke 21:7. But that wasn't Jesus only challenging prediction. He spoke of liars who would come claiming to be the Messiah warning his friend do not be fooled. Luke 21:8. He spoke of riots and wars between nations Luke 21:9-10. He warned of famine and trial before synagogues and governors Luke 21:11-12. And this Jesus says will give his followers a chance to tell the world of him Luke 21:13.
Many people run from such struggles in fear—but Jesus told his friends to step forward knowing that in Christ they would have the right words to share Luke 21:14-15. And here is the promise. Everyone on earth might hate Jesus followers. But they can't really harm a believer Luke 21:16-18. Because in faith a believer will life on Luke 21:19.
Be honest. Will anything or anybody in life besides Christ and those who are found last?

  • a house—one terrible storm or fire could wipe that out
  • k2
  • a relationship—one dread disease or trust breaking act could end it
  • a place in a church building—as hard as believers might try even their building used for worship aren't guaranteed to last.
The Lord Jesus spoke of the end of all things as a coming reality. It was part of his basic teaching and it is an essential part of Christian faith. Jesus followers know they we will be in Christ in all circumstances and His promise is a source of joy. No matter what comes even suffering, grief, and death believers have a forever place in Christ Jesus. Christian faith is no escape hatch from suffering and pain and death. Faith is trust that God walks with believers faithful in every circumstance. When all things pass away the eternal God, and those who are found in him, will remain.
Peace to you and thanks for reading, John

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