Thursday, December 19, 2013

When Angels Start Talking Matthew 1:18-24

Angels and dreams have a big part in the Christmas story: for both Joseph and Mary God's messengers brought change into their lives. The angel in Joseph's dream was God's representative bridging the space between humanity and our creator. Artist conceive of Angels as tiny children or great warriors. I think the image of the Warrior seems most faithful to scripture; but the Angels shape and size are not as significant as who they speak for and what they have to say.

Angels came in the months leading up to Christmas as the first messengers of transformation. When God's plans begin to unfold our lives take new shape. Angels come to announce the new beginning and the promise of a fresh start and resurrection. In our day it's the Word we call scripture and the dreams God gives to us of a better day when we live for God and God's glory that move us ahead.

It's in the moment when God talks when things start happening. It's been that way from the beginning. When God breathed out the word light it came into being. God works just this way--speaking creation into life. When he spoke to Abraham he called him out one nation to become the father of a great nation. God works just this way giving people a promise and in that promise a new identity for future generations too. When God spoke to Moses he called out of bush and made promises of deliverance for a people in chains. God works just this way hearing the cries of the poor and hurting.
God's speaking through other beings is part of the Christmas story. It was an angel who spoke to Mary. It was angels speaking to shepherds keeping watch over their fields by night. It was angels who spoke about something coming that hadn't yet been seen. May the wonder Jesus the one whom the angels promised fill us with hope and joy this Christmas.
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