Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Identity in John 10:1-10?

if Jesus = Good Shepherd then his followers (aka Christians) = Sheep
Jesus is every Christians' shepherd. In a world full of dangers that promise shines bright. Jesus watches over and protects every believer in the midst of this world's dangers. Jesus guides his followers into abundant life that starts in relationship with him (John 10:10). This promises more than a way to safety. Relationship with Jesus means full life that doesn't end in death. Thieves may come to steal and destroy (John 10:1) and Jesus is the way through all that to abundant everlasting life.  Jesus promise remains even after the world has done the worst to you.  Jesus, the gatekeeper, watches over protecting his own. His simple promise rings out--those who know him follow his voice and find abundant and everlasting life with him (John 10:2-6, John 10:10).

Jesus gives His followers abundant life in a dangerous world. Jesus' promise isn't a guarantee of wealth or comfort on earth.  I don't think Jesus made any promise of earthly prosperity.  Rather Jesus spoke of life that didn't end in this world's struggle.  He promised abundant life knowing the cost he would pay for his sheep (John 10:9, John 10:17).  Jesus offers us an abundant life-giving forever relationship starting now. The world's dangers remain, and so does God's promise. We remain in the Good Shepherd's care forever: and forever started some time ago.  The world's dangers are not eliminated--instead Jesus plants hope in his people to see abundant eternal life with God. Hope takes root in the promises Jesus makes. He will shepherd his followers in all situations even, as Psalm 23:4 says, the valley of shadow and death. Jesus identity as shepherd is his promise and our hope.

Peace, and thanks for reading.

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