Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Divine Intervention?

Some people who say there's no such thing as miracles; but I look at the world and scripture and I see God's activity all around. Some people say that God can't intervene in the world and that God doesn't care or can't care about us as individuals and our needs. And it's our stories that tell otherwise. This week I'm thinking about two stories of God intervening in human life. One comes from Genesis 32:22-32 about Jacob wrestling with God. And one is in Matthew 14:13-21 about a miracle that happened when five loaves and two fish became a meal for many. These stories speak of God deep engagement in our lives in personal and direct ways.

I know there are some days, maybe you know some of those day's yourself, when it seems like evil and death are winning. These are the times when I most need to hear the promise again that God can and does care. Jacob needed to be reminded of God's care the night he wrestled with an unknown opponent. He needed to know that God can and does act in our lives. And the crowd of thousands who Jesus fed with 5 loaves and 2 fish saw God's blessing overflow.

I believe God's always at work; but often in small ways. Maybe the stories of God's overflowing presence remind us again of who we are to God.

It's in the tough days that's when it matters again who Jesus is. It matters again for me that I hear stories of God breaking in to ordinary lives like mine. The things for me is to know that God enters our lives not always in earth shaking moments. God often enters my story quietly—and I am guess that God enters into your story in ways that are often almost so small and ordinary that we'll miss the presence of God in the middle of ordinary life.

So today I give thanks for all the ways we meet God in the moments of doubt and wrestling. And I give thanks for all the times when God has provided--but I haven't see the ways of God's provision.

Peace and thanks for reading, John

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