Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Blessed and happy, rejoice the kingdom is yours.Epiphany 6C Luke 6:17-26

Good Morning from Camp Victor on the Mississippi gulf Coast www.campvictor.org.

This morning a group of 19 from my congregation is waking up, as I write, and getting ready to go back to work on the homes of people who've been living in other places or in only a small part of their homes since Hurricane Katrina came through here a 1 1/2 years ago.

Jesus' words in his sermon on the plain make sense this morning. He's inviting us into the tough parts of people's lives and making it clear that He belongs there through us.

Even a casual reader will find hope and challenge in these words. The hope is there for those who God has not forgotten even after the devil, the world, and the worst of human nature has been inflicted on them.

God will bless you people
who are poor.
His kingdom belongs to you!
God will bless
you hungry people.
You will have plenty to eat!
God will bless you people
who are crying.
You will laugh! Luke 5:21-22 CEV

We who live in privelege can, in our time, choose to hide from the tough parts in other people's lives, but Jesus invites us in not to try to save them, but to find our salvation and their salvation in the arms of a crucified God. Jesus came born into the chaos of this world and stayed. Today we follow him into the very same chaos.

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