Thursday, February 9, 2012

Healed by Jesus' choice Mark 1:40-45

A leper came and knelt before Jesus, 
εὰν θέλης δύνασαι με καθαρίσαι
if you wish you have power to cleanse me (Mark:1:40)
This man made a great statement of faith both in Jesus' power and will.  If Jesus chose this man could walk away from their encounter whole.  Lepers, like him, were unclean and untouchable.  And if Jesus chose he could go back to society; ready to show himself to the priest no longer as filthy but as healthy and restored.

Who's got the power?
Jesus deeds proved he had power; and this suffering man came in faith that Jesus could heal and in hope that Jesus would heal him.  And Jesus met his faith and hope with action; θέλω, καθαρίσθητι I will you to be clean (Mark 1:41).  Immediately the lepersy was gone (Mark 1:42).  Jesus sent him away to the priests to prove he'd been healed.  As he left Jesus warned him: don't tell anyone (Mark 1:43-44).  But the man didn't keep quiet--he told the neighborhood (Mark 1:45).

Human's can't read God's mind or understand God's logic.  Jesus chose to heal this man out of pity but he had reasons for him to keep quiet.  I've wondered why Jesus wanted him to say nothing.  I think I understand why this man didn't keep quiet, the news was to good not to share, but I don't know why God wanted him to keep quiet.  And now Jesus couldn't enter a town without people mobbing him.  Even in the country people came from every quarter in hope that he'd act on their behalf too. 

It's clear to see, Jesus had the power; but now everyone knew and wanted access to him too.
Pax, John


Rev. Matt Griggs said...

Don't you think the build up healings is Jesus replacing the temple--something a little more obvious in John's Gospel. or at least replacing the priests. But why the testimony to the system. Why not proclaim it from the housetop. Now that transfiguration Sunday is almost here and the replacement is "complete" The silence seems odd?

John, an unlikely pastor said...

I'd never really thought of Jesus replacing the temple/priestly system so clearly in Mark as you see it in John. I think you've got a strong point that we shouldn't overlook.

You are so right this request for silence seems odd. I think this might be one of the questions I'd like to add to my list when I meet God face to face.
Peace to you and thanks