Thursday, February 2, 2012

See the Power and believe Mark 1:29-39

For a couple years I read the Gospel of Mark with 8th graders. It was, for most of these young people, their longest interaction with Jesus. The most striking part of the story early on in Mark for these young people were the exorcisms.  Mark 1:21-28 details the first exorcism in Capernaum and the amazement at Jesus' power over evil spirits.  Jesus went to synagogue and a daemon recognized him.  And Jesus ordered the daemon silent and released the man from the daemon's power. 

The people in that synagogue knew Jesus had power to do great things, but it was the Sabbath and no one would travel until after sundown. 
Jesus went to a friend Simon's home in Capernaum after worship, and finding his friend's mother-in-law in bed with a fever Jesus took her hand.  Immediately she stood up free of fever and started serving. 
At sundown, less than a day after the first exorcism, people came looking for Jesus.  He healed the sick and caste out many evil spirits (Mark 1:31-33).  The deeds of power were clear.  Jesus had authority and lives were going to be changed.
Next morning Jesus went away to pray.  His friends came looking for him.  The people wanted him to heal more and set more people free from evil.  But Jesus didn't go back to Capernaum, instead he chose to go to other villages(Mark 1:38-39).  The power of God and the kingdom of God was coming near.  Freedom was coming for those who believe.
Pax, John


Stratoz said...

like those 8th graders the daemon stories jumped out at me. I have worked with troubled youth most of my life and often wish that Jesus could lay his hand on their shoulder and calm their lives. But I have seen enough of them improve over time to have hope for all of them to be more at peace. Thanks for your comment on my blog.

Steve Finnell said...

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