Tuesday, October 22, 2013

God heard his prayer Luke 18:9-14?

Jesus valued humility.
-not false humility-but honest to God humility. Jesus told a parable of two men going to pray Luke 18:9-10. One man prayed thanking God he wasn't like that other man. After all that other man was a known sinner Luke 19:11-12. And this known sinner couldn't even hold his eyes up to heaven as he cried out for mercy Luke 19:13-14.
So which prayer was heard?
The prayer of the sinner who called out to God for mercy. Jesus reveals God's heart for the whole world. The prayer God hears comes from the one who calls out in faith for mercy. This man had no works and no pride to bring--he only had faith in God and he counted only on God's mercy.
I don't consider myself good or holy on my own. I believe God alone is holy (Revelation 15:4) and good (Luke 18:19). I believe Heaven has no regard for fake humility or pious seeming actions done just for show--Jesus is clear those who for the sake of appearances
give alms Matthew 6:1-4
pray Matthew 6:5-8
fast Matthew 6:16-18
have already gotten their rewards in the attention they were seeking. Jesus is after something different than just the apprearance of holiness. Jesus tells his followers not to be concerned with what others see but to worry only and solely about what God sees--the heart. Jesus is incredibly consistent here. This is the same God/Man who tells us to store up for ourselves treasures in heaven that can never be stolen away or destroyed Matthew 6:19-21.
So what prayers will God hear from you?
Peace to you and thanks for reading, John

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