Monday, October 7, 2013

who do you turn to in trouble Luke 17:11-19?

Reading Luke 17 this fall focusses me in on a simple truth: faith in Jesus saves.
Luke tells how Jesus spoke of a seed of faith being more than enough (Luke 17:5-6). Next Luke told of ten men with leprosy who saw Jesus and believed he could help. They called from a distance Luke 17:11-12--Ἰησου̂ ἐπιστάτα ἐλέησον ἡμα̂ς Jesus master, be merciful to us Luke 17:13. Jesus sent them on to a priest and the sores dissipated on the way Luke 17:14. One man recognized the cure and came back falling at Jesus feet in thanks Luke 17:15-16. Jesus asked about the other 9 (Luke 17:17) and turned to the man who came back--a Samaritain--saying, Your faith has made you well (Luke 17:18-19).

10 hurting men called to Jesus in faith. They believed he could help and he made them whole. Jesus was their savior. He was the one they called on for help. Human actions in times of trouble demonstrate who and what people cling to as their saviors. In short who people call to for help reveals their faith. The center of the Christian faith is confidence in God as savior in all situations.
Turning towards other saviors One podcasting pastor, Mark Driscoll, points out the functional saviors people turn to in troubled times. Driscoll points to many--ranging from money and food to substances and relationships. Others point to politics and power and wealth as functional saviors. These are all lesser gods people turn to when trouble hits.
Functional saviors are often short cuts and diversions that deliver for a time--trouble comes when either the functional savior hurts or fails to save. That's when the truth of faith is revealed. Faith isn't to be placed in anything or anybody less than God. Faith only holds when the one trusted is worthy of trust. Faith in God alone is what saves because God alone is worthy of trust.
Thanks for reading, John

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